The Harvester are to provide support due to Covid 19 shortage of labourers. This position includes to follow the instructions of Supervisor as demands on production in areas such as scanning, weighing, cleaning the growing rooms and picking.  These multi task will vary day to day depending on crop. The general duties of the Harvester/Pickers, is to Harvest the mushrooms following the Supervisors instructions. They are also responsible for the grading of the mushrooms and to inspect the picked product for quality. Upon completion of the daily picking schedule they are also responsible for the sanitation of all equipment used during the picking, this shall include, knives, ladders, trolleys, hangers and buckets. Once the picking has been completed for the day the Harvester-Pickers will clean the room.

Rate: $14.39


• To follow the daily instructions provided by the Harvest Supervisor

• To work safely following all Safety, HACCP/SQF rules and training.

• Any safety concerns Must be reported to immediate supervisor.

• To pick, weigh, package, scan and sort mushrooms in terms of grading and size       quickly and efficiently. To be a runner as needed .

• When finished picking, sanitized all the tools and equipment.

• As per training, you are required to ensure to high level of quality, grading and   cleaning the mushroom growing beds

• To pick on average 10-15 boxes per hour as a benchmark based on our grading,   quality factors.

• Physical Requirements: must be able to lift to 30 pounds and be required to push,   pull, stand and crouch

• Work in damp, cold conditions inside or outside

• Other duties as assigned due to production needs as